The Euro England Cup Winners Bank Holiday

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A 350,000-signatory petition and some daily newspapers (such as the Daily Mail) propose that a Bank Holiday should be declared if or when England win the EURO 2020 England v Italy Finals match on Sunday 11 July. The government is reported to be sympathetic to the idea.

We are fundamentally opposed to this crazy notion. 


1   The government does not pay for a Bank Holiday, private employers do. For those 3.5m working as self-employed  a fresh 'bank holiday' simply robs them of one-day's pay.

2   If England win - and the CRR wants this to happen (use AV's Grealish more would be our advice) - the sheer enthusiasm and pleasure shown by the nation will be quite enough for anyone. An extra bank holiday is unnecessary. The government does not have to be that populist. What next, pardons for 100 prisoners?

3   We have spent the last year in Lockdowns, semi-lockdowns, transitional arrangements, unable to travel, children and students missing school and university, lovers parted from each other (unless elite persons or members of SAGE), so the last thing we need now is another government edict saying, if only for one day, 'You can't work, shops, offices, banks and schools closed, everyone stay at home'.     

4   If another bank holiday were granted for 2021, say in July or early August, then businesses, schools, universities etc would need at least 6-8 weeks to prepare for it. Work schedules and work management would need revising. Schools and universities would need to reschedule classes. You need time to plan, consult with workers about their new timetables or shifts for the bank-holiday week, decide what to do and communicate all this to staff, suppliers (perhaps deliveries won't be permitted on the new bank holiday), and customers. The economic cost would be huge.

A FREE holiday sounds good, but after week upon sodding week of enforced leisure in 2020-21 we all need to get back to work and start shopping and spending again.