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Now in its 26th year.

The Centre for Retail Research (CRR) provides authoritative and expert research and analysis of the retail and allied service sectors in the UK, Europe and North America.

The Centre was originally a university-led research group studying retail change, whose members had long experience of retailing. First established as an independent entity 1997 it has been providing information on comparative retail trends for business groups, government and the media for more than 25 years.  

"……..authoritative and expert research and analysis of the retail and allied service sectors"

The CRR is based in Norwich, Norfolk. Its views are its own. It is independent and does not receive long-term funds from the retail sector or suppliers. It is not part of any university. It exists to provide up-to-date and thoughtful research on the changing role of retailing, particularly:

  • The changing role of online shopping
  • New patterns of consumer behaviour
  • Changing high streets in towns and cities 
  • The crisis in the retail and restaurant sectors
  • Forecasting retail spending
  • Technological change in retailing
  • The costs of retail crime, fraud and cybercrime.

The Centre's Director is Professor Joshua Bamfield.

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The Centre's research is widely quoted

The Centre's research and views are quoted widely. Radio and TV stations include: the BBC's Today Programme, BBC 24, CNN, Sky, Channel 4 News, ITV, BBC News and TV and radio stations in France, Germany, The Netherlands, the U.S. and elsewhere. Reports are carried by major newspapers and magazines including The Times, Financial Times, The Economist, Time Magazine, Daily Mail, The Sun, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Hello Magazine, Täglicher Marktbe (Germany), Expansion (Spain), The Irish Independent, Irish Post, the Times of India, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and International Herald Tribune.

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